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CNC Laser Cutting

With state of the art laser cutting machine from Trumpf, Dongji provides a large range of capabilities for all hardware products, ensuring the good quality but also in time delivery. Laser cutting is especially for medium and thick sheet, no need tooling, it can fabricate any shapes of sheet with smooth edge.



  •   * Steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, acrylic and etc.
  •   * Thickness:0.2-30MM
  •  Equipments / Specification

  •   * Germany TRUMPF laser cutting machine
  •   * Japan AMADA laser cutting machine
  •   * Power: 3000W/5000W
  •   * Min. tolerance: 0.1MM
  •   * Max. thickness25mm(steel),30mm(stainless steel), 20mm(aluminum)
  •   * Operating range3000mm x 1500mm

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